What it means to be a Daikin dealer

Glenn Jones is an official Daikin dealer, which means that we sell and install some of the most advanced systems available in the industry today. Daikin air conditioners are built with energy efficiency and quiet, effective performance in mind. If you’re looking for a new air conditioner, a Daikin system can help you cool your home with less electricity, saving you money every month on your energy bills.

In this post, we’ll review what makes Daikin and Glenn Jones a perfect match, and why we’re proud to be a Daikin Comfort Pro dealer.

Daikin dealer systemsWhy be a Daikin dealer?

Founded in 1951, Daikin was the first company in Japan to create and sell air conditioning systems. Since that point, they’ve grown to become the world leader in air conditioning and heating systems. A truly global company, Daikin manufactures many of their advanced systems in Houston, Texas at one of the world’s most sophisticated factories. Always innovative, Daikin creates some of the best and most reliable systems on the market today.

Glenn Jones works with Daikin because we appreciate how their systems allow our customers to save money every month while not compromising on cooling power. As a Comfort Pro Dealer, our technicians are given the training they need to expertly install new Daikin systems efficiently and effectively.

The Daikin DX20VC: Energy efficiency meets performance

The state-of-the-art Daikin DX20VC is one of the most innovative systems on the market today. Reaching a 24.5 SEER cooling performance rating, the DX20VC uses a sophisticated variable-speed compressor to save energy. Variable-speed systems allow air conditioners to better maintain temperatures at low energy use, without needing to run at full power in starts and stops to keep temperatures down. The DX20VC has the advanced ability to determine how to best balance cooling performance with low energy use. The result? A quiet, energy-efficient system that can easily cool most spaces.

Quality systems and the Comfort Promise

Daikin asks all of its dealers to adhere to the Daikin Comfort Promise. This guarantees that Glenn Jones will not only do the installation right, but will—for up to one year—return to work on on the system if something isn’t working right or changes need to be made. In other words, not only does Glenn Jones offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our technician’s work, but Daikin backs it up with their Comfort Promise.

Daikin systems are built to last. They’re made using quality parts, and most of them are manufactured right here in the U.S. With Daikin, you’ll enjoy not only energy efficiency benefits, but also a quality system for years to come.

The Glenn Jones difference

Glenn Jones is Lake City’s premier heating and cooling services company, offering air conditioning and furnace repair, maintenance, and installation. We’re proud to sell Daikin systems as a Daikin dealer, and, with more than 48 years of experience helping the people of north Florida, we’re ready to find ways to keep your home cool.

To get started, give us a call at (386) 752-5389 or request your free estimate today.

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