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Is it time for a new AC system?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Your air conditioner has served your home for years, keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long. Summers in north Florida can be brutal, mixing high temperatures with sweltering humidity. Through it all, your AC has worked consistently and constantly to keep your family from feeling the heat.

Chances are, you don’t feel as sentimental about your home’s AC system as, say, your first car. But, even then, you knew when it was time to upgrade and move on. Here are some signs that you should be in the market for a new conditioner—and some tips on how to choose one and a company to complete the installation of your new AC.

How to tell when it’s time for a change

New AC installation FloridaIf you think your AC might be nearing death’s door, think about the following factors, which could influence whether you decide to move forward with repairs—or, with the purchase of a new system.

How old is your system?

If your air conditioner is 15-20 years old, it’s officially entered old age. During this period, even an air conditioner that has had regular tune-ups throughout its life is at risk to cease functioning (although maintenance can help you get some extra years and greater efficiency out of your system!).

However, if your air conditioner is over eight years old and suffers a major breakdown—such as the condenser failing and the entire unit shutting down—most experts agree that you should pay the cost of replacing it instead of repairing it. If you have questions about the nature of the fix and whether it can be addressed inexpensively, ask the experts at Glenn Jones Home Services. Our professional technicians will help you decide how to proceed.

How does your system perform?

The technology and construction used in HVAC units today has improved so much in the past twenty years. Air conditioners built in 2016 have an emphasis on efficiency that older models just don’t have—not to mention that years of use have made them less efficient than their brand-new systems.

If your unit is between 10 and 15 years old and you’re growing sick of the astronomical energy bills, talk to the cooling professionals at Glenn Jones. We offer free estimates on new units, so there’s no commitment, and we’ll provide you with an honest assessment of where your unit is at in terms of performance.

Has your system been having problems?

This is perhaps the most obvious driver for getting a new system. Costly repairs keep adding up, and it seems like you and your family spend every summer trying to unravel the mystery of why your air conditioner went out. While Glenn Jones does offer repair services to get your cooling system back online, there comes a point where it’s probably time to move onto a new system.

What to look for in a new AC system

  • Efficiency: In your free estimate from Glenn Jones, ask our expert to help you find a system that will help you see smaller bills for years to come. Over a decade, those savings—especially here in humid Florida—may add up to cover the cost of the new system.
  • Quality: We’re a Daikin factory-authorized dealer. Daikin is one of the world’s most recognized and celebrated heating and cooling brands. Originally founded in Japan, Daikin now has a presence all over the world, and actually manufactures their systems right here in the U.S. They’re a name synonymous with quality, and we’re proud to sell their systems.
  • A great deal: We can help with this! Call us today, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate on a new AC system. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, and we can offer financing to customers who qualify.

If you’re ready for a new AC system, or want an assessment of your current one, give Glenn Jones a call at (386) 752-5389.

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